Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I hope that everyone has a very safe day today. I almost cried at our liturgy during school when they started to play "Let There Be Peace On Earth." It hurts so much. I hasn't hit me yet, though, so I'll expect to break down later, probably when I'm watching a documentary of 9/11. Oh, God, does it hurt.

Nevertheless, my birthday [yesterday, 9/10] was great. I ended the night watching a depressing thing about the survivors of the trade tower tragedy on ABC.

Stay cool, everyone.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Reese and I got over our fight thing, silently, nevertheless. Which is the way we usually get over stuff like that.

As an assignment for English class, I'm typing up a "letter to the editor" of our school newspaper about the fact that students can only go to the homecoming dance if they have dates. I think that really sucks, considering I don't have a date, but even if I did, it'd still be unfair not to let students go stag. gr.

Two more days until my 15th, seven more days until the Ernie Harwell farewell game at Comerica Park [I have tickets!!], and thirteen more days until my birthday baseball game @ Comerica with the Yankees[yay! Derek Jeter!] vs. Tigers! Wahoo!!!! lmao