Monday, October 07, 2002

NEW SITE: Audaciousness

Sorry everyone. No more Real Girl. I moved to Freewebs and got my own site. I'm taking everything down except for the actual blog itself. Again, sorry, but R-G, P-G, Y-B, & T-C are all closed forever.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

I'm still trying to figure out that freewebs [dot] com stuff. Gr. Muy frustrating. Teresa got a webcam. Lucky. Not really that excited, can't you tell?

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Sorry, guys. I haven't blogged in a 10 days. Hey, that's a long time for me. Anyways, I've actually been trying to figure out iframes for my new site on freewebs [dot] com. I'm still trying to figure everything out cause it's all [fairly] new to me.

Finally, I got to go to my birthday baseball game: Yankees vs. Tigers @ Comerica Park, which is really only about a 15 minute drive from where I live. So my mom, dad, sister, Emily, Merritt, Katie and I all piled into our brand new Suburban and drove down there. I swear, it was funniest birthday party ever cause my friends and I have so many "inside jokes" that no one's gonna ever understand. Here are two of them:

"Oh my gosh! I won!!!" - Okay, this one's pretty weird, but pretty hilarious itf you know what it means. During the whole game yesterday because of "Fan Appreciation Weekend" @ Comerica, at the beginning of every inning, they'd give away prizes according to what section/seat/row you were in. Well, we were sitting in section
117 [try to find it here], which were very nice seats. Anyways, the thing comes on the screen that says the sections/seats/rows that won something which was section 117, seat 18, row...Katie [who was sitting next to me] and I whip around in our seats to look at the number; she had 18! Now here's the inside joke ["Oh my gosh! I won!!!"] part: after Katie and I are, like, totally phreaking out and squealing, my sister says, "Uh, wrong row, guys." It was row 18 and we were in row 27. We're such dorks ^_^

"...root, root, root for the Yankers..." - This one was good. Okay, in the seventh inning stretch when everyone's supposed to stand up and stretch [hence the name: seventh inning stretch], they started to play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," while flashing the words up on the scoreboard. Since it was a Tiger's homegame, the substituted "the hometeam" for "the Tigers." Since I'm a rabid Yankee fan, I began to say Yankees instead of Tigers, but this guy behind us said "Cubbies," screwing me up. Before I could finish "Yankees", I glanced up at the scoreboard, saw "Tigers" and "Yankers" was born. Oops.

Ha. Now you know at least two great inside jokes from yesterday. Anyways...tomorrow is the first day of Spirit Week at my hs, leading up to homecoming on Saturday. The whole theme of homecoming is "A Night At The Oscars," and for the sophomores, our float theme for the parade is "Cool Runnings." Ya know. The movie. Doy. Tomorrow, we're doing "Sleepless In Seattle" by dressing in our pj's [oh joy...], Tuesday is "Multiplicity" when you can be twins/triplets with 1/2 other person/peopl in your homeroom, Wednesday is "Dancing Through the Decades" where each class gets a different time era [sophs get the Austin Powers era [[woot woot]]], then the rest of week sucks. Pep rally on Friday, game on Saturday. Borrrring.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I hope that everyone has a very safe day today. I almost cried at our liturgy during school when they started to play "Let There Be Peace On Earth." It hurts so much. I hasn't hit me yet, though, so I'll expect to break down later, probably when I'm watching a documentary of 9/11. Oh, God, does it hurt.

Nevertheless, my birthday [yesterday, 9/10] was great. I ended the night watching a depressing thing about the survivors of the trade tower tragedy on ABC.

Stay cool, everyone.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

Reese and I got over our fight thing, silently, nevertheless. Which is the way we usually get over stuff like that.

As an assignment for English class, I'm typing up a "letter to the editor" of our school newspaper about the fact that students can only go to the homecoming dance if they have dates. I think that really sucks, considering I don't have a date, but even if I did, it'd still be unfair not to let students go stag. gr.

Two more days until my 15th, seven more days until the Ernie Harwell farewell game at Comerica Park [I have tickets!!], and thirteen more days until my birthday baseball game @ Comerica with the Yankees[yay! Derek Jeter!] vs. Tigers! Wahoo!!!! lmao

Thursday, September 05, 2002

..::trying to learn i-frames...isn't going as well as planned =] but I'll stick it out::..

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

My "best friend" Clairese and I got into a huge fight. Again. We were walking along and have a perfectly great time, and then I remembered that I was supposed to go somewhere with my dad - to go pick up my glasses. So when we came to my street corner where I'd turn to get to my house, I turned and everyone else [Patty, Chris and Clairese] kept walking. They got half-way across the street and then noticed that I was walking back home. So I told them that I had to go with my dad to get my glasses. Apparantly, Clairese was telling her story about how earlier that day she was fakely/jokingly asked to homecoming by this guy named Tim. She then accused me of being jealous because she got asked to homecoming and I didn't. I got pissed and told her that I wasn't at all and that if she'd been listening earlier when I'd said that I had to go pick up my glasses, she wouldn't have read me wrongly. Chris and Patty backed me up by comfirming that I did, in fact, say that I had to leave soon. She smiled and, returing her smile, I figured that we were at peace once again. Ha. She turned and walked right up to my house, I thought, to ask my mom if I was really going somewhere. But instead she just went in and got her book bag. I then continued right into the house until I got to my room and shut my self off from the rest of the world. The worst part is yet to come. I sat in my room, numb to all feelings, just sitting on my bed, still shaken from what had happened, and because my bedroom window was open, I could actually hear her talking about me. I got up off of my bed, and literally ran to the back door. I think once I got there and stared at Clairese through the screen of the door, I said something like "You know I can hear what you're saying, right?" I honestly can't remember clearly what was said between us after that because when I'm so worked up, I have absolutely no feeling of anything, just hurt and rage. And I just kinda go with those emotions. Yeah, so the daggers we threw back and forth were along the lines of something that had to do with her being glad we weren't in the same lunch hour because all we ever do is fight. Then I think I told her that I wasn't jealous of her, being sure to add in "no offence," because yes, we were fighting, but *some people* take "I am not jealous of you" the wrong way. She then replied with "I never said that you were jealous!" Just for the record, I could be wrong with what I heard; her saying that I was jealous in the very beginning of this whole thing could just be my emotional numbness that made me hear what was never said. I don't know. Anyway, what really got me was the fact that she brought one of my best friends [Erica] into it. Clairese said something like this whole fighting thing had been going on since fifth grade when Erica and I started hanging out a lot and making fun of her. She had no right to say that. Scar me all you want, but leave everyone else out of this. that I actually think of it, that's info's not really valid; Erica and I started hanging out ever since first grade, and we've always been best friends. I swear, I don't have the energy for all of this...

Am I a shitty friend? Anyone? I just don't know what to do. I've been really fucking passive with stuff like this for too long. She's always the one who got pissed first, and has always had the last word. The thing that I hate the most in the whole world in making people mad at me. And she always seems to get mad.

I've decided to keep the fuck out of everyone's way. I'll just go to school, keeping to myself the whole day, therefore no one can get mad at me. But, of course, that means no birthday parties [my birthday baseball game worth $250 will be a problem then...maybe I can get a refund on the tickets], no lunch outings, no human interaction except for my family, and what I'm gonna miss the most: no dances. Life is gonna suck, but I'll manage. At least I won't make anyone angry.

Sorry guys, I know I should just get over it. But it helps to write [type] it all down.